We are pleased and honored to announce that the 9th Congress of the International Society of Gender Medicine will be held under the patronage of Michael Ludwig, Mayor and Governor of Vienna, in Vienna from September 12 (Thu) to 13 (Fri), 2019. We are deeply grateful to the Board of the International Society of Gender Medicine and all associated parties for giving us the opportunity to host the Congress in Austria.

The Congress of the International Society of Gender Medicine will be held in Vienna, Austria, for the second time. In the upcoming Congress, we are planning a program focusing on the importance of gender medicine for individualised precision medicine and patient safety. How sex and gender influence the diagnosis and treatment of and coping with important and common acute and chronic diseases will be discussed. We are going to take a look at achievements, the current situation and provide an outlook for the future of gender medicine in global health. For this reason, the topic of the Congress is "Sex & Gender with focus on personalized medicine and patient safety".

We hope that the 9th Congress will aid globalization of a vision for gender medicine and medical care worldwide.

Vienna, known for its rich heritage and magnificent architecture, is a place of impressive beauty. The capital of Austria does not only offer cultural experiences such as theaters, museums and historic buildings, but also culinary highlights and manifold shopping opportunities. We are certain that you will truly enjoy the early autumn in Vienna and Austria.

We look forward to hosting you in Vienna.


Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Alexandra Kautzky-Willer
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